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Why Choose Pro Concreting as Your Commercial Concreters in Geelong?

At Pro Concreting, we specialise in commercial concrete services. With some of the best commercial concreters in Geelong working on our team,  we can ensure your commercial concreting project is formed up, reinforced and poured on time and to budget. 

Our expertise covers a wide range of concreting services, making us the top choice for builders, developers and commercial businesses looking for a reliable concrete contractor or subcontractor. We can help with the construction of new commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial car parks. We can also lay concrete for large, multi unit townhouses and unit blocks. Our team aims to deliver a finished product that perfectly matches your style and quality expectations, ensuring high quality results for every concreting project.

We’re experts in creating durable, attractive concrete installations. Whether you need:

  • Civil works
  • Footpaths, pavements, crossovers, kerbs and gutters
  • Factory, shed and warehouse slabs
  • Tilt-up panels
  • Car park flooring, access ramps, slabs and foundations

With nearly 20 year of experience in the concreting industry, we’re recognised throughout Geelong, Torquay and the Bellarine Peninsula for our exceptional customer service, backed by our commitment to quality workmanship on every job.

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Types of Commercial Concreting We Provide

  • Commercial Foundations and Slabs: We lay down strong concrete foundations and slabs tailored for commercial buildings. These are thick and durable, designed to support heavy loads and stand up to the rigours of commercial use.

  • Ground Slabs: This foundation type involves concrete being poured directly on the ground to create a solid and level base for commercial facilities.

  • Concrete Driveways: Our driveways are not only strong and versatile but also customisable in finish and colour to match your business’s style.

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete: This decorative finish not only adds texture but also enhances the visual appeal by showcasing the natural stones within the concrete.

  • Concrete Footpaths: Designed specifically for foot traffic, these paths improve accessibility and facilitate smooth movement around commercial spaces.

  • Concrete Retaining Walls: We build concrete retaining walls that are essential for holding back soil or rock, preventing erosion, and providing necessary support next to buildings, roads, or other structures.

  • Concrete Formwork: Essential for shaping concrete, this service involves creating temporary or permanent moulds into which concrete is poured. Formwork is crucial for achieving the desired structural shapes and dimensions in building projects.

  • Coloured Concrete: By integrating pigments during the mixing process, we enhance the visual appeal of concrete installations, perfect for pathways, floors, and decorative panels.

  • Decorative Concrete Finishes: We specialise in adding beauty to concrete surfaces with techniques like stamping, staining, and polishing, creating attractive textures and finishes.

  • Loading Dock Construction: Tailored to meet the needs of commercial and industrial facilities, this service involves building reinforced concrete platforms that facilitate the efficient loading and unloading of goods. These structures are designed to endure heavy and frequent use.

  • Car Parking Lot Construction: We focus on building durable, well-drained concrete parking lots, with comprehensive planning from layout to final surface treatment to ensure both longevity and functionality.

  • We can assist you with commercial concreting for: Schools, Office buildings, Government facilities, Shopping centres, Multi storey buildings,  Factories & Child care centres

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