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Why Pro Concreting are your house concreting specialists?

At Pro Concreting, we are your go-to concreters when it comes to delivering quality residential concreting. We offer a range of concrete construction services for houses, townhouses, villas, semis, and apartments. Our aim is to provide every one of our valued clients with a premium finished product that suits both yours and your property’s unique style, finish, and quality requirements.

We specialise in durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete solutions. Whether you’re looking at getting a new residential concrete driveway, extending your patio, or utilising decorative finishes like exposed aggregate or coloured concrete, our team can deliver you a professional concrete home with the highest quality workmanship.

With nearly two decades of experience (yes, we’ve been working in the industry since 2005! ), Pro Concreting prides itself on exceptional customer service, backed by our commitment to meeting and exceeding Australian Standards.

If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly team members about your next domestic concreting project, contact us today at 1300 557 419 or simply grab a free quote! 

Types of Residential Concreting We Specialise In

  • House Slabs / Concrete Slabs: A foundational element of residential construction, providing a solid base for structures, including floors and walls.

  • Slab on Ground: A type of foundation where concrete is poured directly onto the ground, creating a strong and level base for homes.

  • Concrete Driveways: Durable and versatile surfaces leading up to garages or homes, capable of being customised in finish and colour.

  • Concrete Crossovers: The section of driveway that crosses over the public footpath, providing a safe and seamless transition from the road to your home or property.

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete: A decorative finish that reveals the aggregates (stone) within the concrete, offering texture and visual appeal.

  • Concrete Footings: Structural elements that transfer the load of the building to the ground, ensuring stability and support.

  • Concrete Paths: Walkways or sidewalks made of concrete, providing a durable and long-lasting surface for pedestrian traffic.

  • Concrete Footpaths: Similar to concrete paths, these are walkways specifically designed for foot traffic, enhancing accessibility around residential areas.

  • Concrete Patios: Outdoor living spaces made from concrete, offering a robust and customisable area for entertainment and relaxation.

  • Concrete Walls: Structural or decorative walls constructed from concrete, known for their strength and versatility.

  • Concrete Stairs: Steps made from concrete, providing durable access between different levels within or outside your home.

  • Polished Concrete: A finishing technique where concrete is ground down and polished to a smooth, reflective surface, often used for floors for its aesthetic and maintenance benefits.

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